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Price Comparison

Medifusion is a provider of price comparison web services across a number of vertical sectors and a large number of retailers who are engaged on a CPA basis. Our price comparison engine is designed to provide partners with a very low maintenance comparison solution which is both powerful and simple to implement.

Seamless Integration

All of our Price Comparison services are easy to use, quick to implement and seamless in execution.

Partners can add price comparison to almost any site within a few hours.

This example shows how DVD price comparison has been added to a site.
There is no mention of Medifusion, no links to www.medifusion.co.uk and no obtrusive branding.
Partners retain full control of their site and its content.

We provide comprehensive documentation and support and our technical experts are always on hand to help.


We search a large number of retailers to give the end-user the widest possible choice. Our services are consumed on demand and return an XML response which can be rendered in a manner to exactly suit the consuming site. A partner site is not tied to our look and feel. Partner websites can consume these services, offering comparison information on the verticals they choose.

Comparison services can be utilised by pure comparison sites, loyalty sites, discount sites, forums and mobile applications.

Partner sites do not have to manage the update and addition of new products. You have no database to manage. Medifusion also takes care of the tracking of commissions through a dedicated set of affiliate network accounts.

'Proper' price comparison. Many comparison sites actually offer product comparison and not true price comparison. Medifusion’s comparison engine allows a visitor to find the exact product they want, and then offers prices on just that product.

A partner site can choose to exclude a specific retailer (or retailers) from their results or we can do this on your behalf, for example for those sites not wishing to promote their competitors’ brands.

Services are cross network. We work with multiple affiliate networks to encompass as many merchants as possible.


Access our huge DVD and Blu Ray catalogue with over 65,000 region 2 and region 1 titles. Search by title, director or actor. Compare prices from more than 40 on-line retailers.

Compare CD prices with digital downloads in a single page. View track listings. Search by artist or title. Compare prices from more than 30 on-line retailers.


Comprehensive genres, massive catalogue. Search by title, author or ISBN. Compare prices from more than 30 on-line retailers.

Video Games

Comprehensive genres, massive catalogue. Search by title, author or ISBN. Compare prices from more than 40 on-line retailers.

Electrical & White Goods

We have compiled a unique catalogue of over 70,000 products from dozens of online retailers. Search by product code or name. Compare prices from more than 40 on-line retailers.

Why Price Comparison Web Services

There are many ways to integrate 3rd party content such as Price Comparison within a site. Traditionally this has been done within the browser using a scripting language such as java Script, or by referencing the 3rd party content in an iFrame or other object (E.g. Flash).

Our approach has been to offer the service as a 'Web Service'. This means that the content, products and prices, are available in a structured form for you to use any way you want rather than via a third party script over which you have no control.

Because you don’t hold a product catalogue and list of retailers, whenever a user requests prices for a product your web server will make a call to our web service. We return the results in an XML document for your web server to format and serve to the user in a form that gives you 100% control.

Web services can be consumed by other embedded objects such as FLASH and ActiveX controls.

This ensures our partners have total control over what and how the price comparison information is presented.