Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Medifusion Partner Programme ?
We collect and merge product catalogues from dozens of major retailers through a series of complex programmes that retreive pricing information - sometimes in real time.
We then offer this information through our own Price Comparison web sites but also through our partner programme.
This enables other webmasters to offer the same comprehensive price comparison service, suplementing their core revenue generating schemes.

How do I make money from the program ?
You can earn money on commission paid for every item sold through the price comparison service. There are several ways this can be achieved:-

  1. Widgets - Sign up to the programme, create widgets using the widget builder and drop these on your own website
  2. Direct Referalls - Add a link to one of the FIND sites (such as and you will earn commission on 70% of subsequent sales.
    You must remember to add the URL of your site to SITE DETAILS in the CONTROL PANEL and add a simple page to verify you have authority to refer users. (see the graphics page for details)
  3. Web Services - Sign up to the Web Services and gain access to raw price comparison data, all formatted as XML, via a rich library that enables the more technical webmaster to incorporate products directly into their web site

What is the Medifusion Price Comparison Widget Builder ?
The widget builder is an online tool that allows affiliates to very easily generate price comparison content units (widgets) for their affiliate website.

How much does it cost ?
There is no setup fee or management charge for using this service. We operate on a revenue share basis. When the content widget is displayed, we use your affiliate network tracking IDs 70% of the time, and ours 30% of the time. We may negotiate separate rates for high performing partner sites.

Do I have to be able to program ?
No. We do all the hard work for you, both in terms of the price comparison element and the widget unit. Once you've created a widget and are happy with it, you just copy and paste a small section of code into your web page.

What sort of widgets can I design ?
You will be able to build widgets in a variety of formats; carousels, slideshows, ferris wheels and so on. You can choose what products to add to the widgets, vary the speed (if its a widget that moves), colours, size and so on.

Can I see some examples ?
Sure. Take a look at some example carousel widgets. These are examples that we have created with the widget builder.

What are the Web Services ?
Our Web Services are designed for technical webmasters and enable comprehensive price comparison information to be embedded in your web pages in whatever format you desire instead of being tied to the rigid boundaries of the widgets.
Full documentation is available on request.